The saying that "The money is in the list" has never been more true than in Local Search Marketing. Imagine having a list of hungry, interested buyers...

Small Business Leads/ List Building

The money is in the list!” If you haven’t heard that before, you should have.  Studies continue to  show that most customers and clients decide to buy from a business that has communicated with them at least seven times prior to the sale.  Why is this?  People buy from businesses they like and trust.  Building a relationship via small business internet list building or lead capture with your prospects is vital and a sure way of increasing sales. 

Building your list requires that you first determine avenues by which to get your list. You can build your list from scratch, you can use a list of you past/ current customers, you can work with someone else who has a list, or choose a completely different method. Whatever the choice there are certain keys that you want to keep in mind to maximize your list while continuing to give people a reason to stay on it.

List Building/ Lead Capture Keys

  • Give Value People are happy to be part of a list or do business with a company that continues to provide value. Building a list is not simply another venue for you to solicit their purchase, but rather it is a method to build a relationship.
  • Permission Marketing One of the most powerful forms of list building is "permission marketing". This is where you ask for permission to market to someone in exchange for a special offer of information or discount given to that person.
  • Be Creative There are numerous ways that you can go abot list building. Don't confine yourself to just one method, or one offer. Test several and see what works the best.
  • Make a Plan Don't build a list and then let it sit in a database. Take the time to set up an email campaign, calendar marketing, or some sort of way to continue to provide value and let your list know of services or productst that you have to offer.

The Money Is In The List - The Increase Is In Conversion Optimization

The Importance of THE LIST

Importance of List Building

This list of interested potential clients is much more valuable than a list of names that you buy or rent from some other lead service.  By taking the time to build your list, you will have a far superior list than any you can buy.  The quality of your list far outweighs a generic list because these people have already shown you that they are interested in your services.  

Another area that many small businesses fail to realize is that nearly any business that has already had customers probably already has a list.  Proactively marketing to your existing customers is also a buried treasure that most small businesses do very little with.  You may think that sending them a new service letter or flyer is proactive marketing, however we would disagree.  We strongly believe that proactive marketing to your existing list incorporates calendar marketing and forethought to be ahead of them offering your next service or product.

Building a small business Internet list building or lead capture campaign takes time and foundation work, but can truly help your business go beyond the next level. Sign up today for a Free marketing blueprint consultation whereby we can help you formulate your small business  list building and lead capture plan.

Sign up today for our FREE marketing blueprint consultation and have the opportunity to ask questions and concerns about the peak zone of local search marketing list building and lead capture optimization, as well as formulate a roadmap for your company to use that will incorporate your marketing goals as well as you industry and location information.  This information can help you determine what areas to focus on in order to gain the best ROI and what areas are no longer beneficial to your company.

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